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Choosing the Best Email Solution for Your Business

30th October 2017
Thomas Marsden Team

Email is such a critical part of running a business. Selecting the best solution from the start is key to this important communication tool remaining reliable as your business or brand grows.

With our primary focus being on creative services such as branding, web/graphic design and online marketing. Email and other IT related services that require on demand software support are not within our primary skillset. To help guide new businesses in the area, we have put together a list of the best email solutions available.

1. Using a Local IT Company

Definitely at the top of the list and our number 1 recommendation is sourcing your email services through an expert, local IT provider.

The advantages of this pathway is that you will receive a solution tailored exactly to the needs of your business and will most likely have the advantage of onsite visits and superior technical support when needed along with help in other areas such as software, phone systems, device configuration and more.

You may already have a company providing an IT service, if so, this is the best place to start when it comes to your email services and we are happy to coordinate required updates to your hosting as required.

We have worked with many IT providers over the years and would be happy to provide a recommendation on request.

2. Cloud Subscription Based Email Services

Both Google and Microsoft provide excellent subscription based email services, that often come bundled with other great options such as office software and cloud storage.

The majority of our hosting accounts use one of these options and we highly recommend this service for its uptime and included features putting these offerings second on our list.  

Google Gsuite

Built on the popular Gmail email system linked with your company domain name and includes the following features:

  • Gmail for Business
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive Cloud Storage
  • Calendars

Find out more about Google Gsuite

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium

A cloud email solution built on the powerful Microsoft Office software suite which includes the following features:

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
  • One Drive cloud storage
  • Skype for Business

Find out more about Office 365

3. Basic Hosting or Cpanel Email Solutions

Nearly all hosting solutions, including ours, come bundled with a basic email solution. While these are good for the very small business, start-up or sole trader, we have noticed they can struggle to scale with the demands of a growing business that relies on email and lack some the great features of the above mentioned services.

As long as our hosting solutions come bundled with these email services, we will continue to offer these to our customers, however please be aware we can offer only a very limited support for this area and offer no IT based setup of email software or devices, so our recommendation would be the above two solutions.

If you do wish to use this basic solution, we recommend using a professional IT provider for ongoing technical support and configuration of your devices and computers.