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Get instant, highly targeted, website traffic with the Google Adwords advertising platform.

Google's advertising platform, Adwords offers a number of great ways to see immediate highly targeted traffic and leads or sales for any search terms you require. This highly customisable system allows targeting down to the city level on very specific keyword terms, giving you the power to turn traffic on or off as you like.

Key Features

  • You pay only for clicks through to website.
  • See your ad on search results straight away.
  • Turn on or off as required, great for seasonal campaigns or special offers.
  • Target users by geographical location, device, time of day and many more other options.
  • Automatic tracking of best performing keywords by conversions (like a phone call, online enquiry or site purchase) to show these ads more often.
  • Limited to your monthly budget, ads are only shown if there is budget available.

How we can help?

The Adwords platform is open to all to setup of an account and get ads running very quickly, however the sheer range of settings can be daunting to the unfamiliar and correctly optimising a campaign to achieve the best return on your advertising investment does require some in-depth knowledge of the platform.

Our offerings for Adwords include both the setup and optimisation of search ads and also the design and placement of online display ads and re-marketing.

A sample search ad we created for Penrith Council, attracting clicks for keywords related to 'Adventure Gift Ideas'.

Google Certified Team

Our team has completed the full set of Adwords training and certification exams from basic search, to mobile, to video and shopping ads.

A Focus On Conversions & ROI

Achieving a return on your advertising investment is at the forefront of our efforts in both setup and ongoing management of campaigns.

Ongoing Management & Reporting

Keep up to date with the latest Adwords best practices, along with regular traffic and conversion reports.

Set Your Own Budget

When it comes to campaign spend, the limit is up to you and we keep strictly to this monthly budget including ad spend and campaign management costs.

Superior Support & Service

Our expert team, based in Sydney, is dedicated to providing friendly, high quality service and support every step of the way.


Can I setup Adwords myself?
Yes, you sure can, Adwords is available to anyone to setup and configure.

Why should I use an agency to setup and manage my Adwords?
As the saying goes, this is not our first rodeo. We have a decent amount of experience in the setup, management and optimisation of Adwords campaigns and can bring to the table a proven process to deliver results along with a knowledge of the ins and outs of the Adwords platform.

What is a recommended Adwords budget?
Adwords will allow you to set any daily budget that you like, either with a start and end date, or running indefinitely. The required budget will depend on your targeted keywords and also advertiser competition, which differ greatly from one industry to the next. We would suggest no less than $500+GST per month.

Will my ads show at all times? (Or I can't see my ads anywhere?)
Ads can certainly show at all times, however, you do need to have a large daily budget available. In order to stay within your set budget, the Adwords system will show your ads evenly throughout the day as default, which is why ads may seem to only show at particular times and change positions.

Will my ad show at the number 1 position?
Similarly to the previous question, your budget is a factor in this, along with how relevant your ad is to the search keyword and a couple of other factors.

What is the difference between Adwords and SEO or organic listings?
Adwords and organic listings appear side by side on the same results page, with the first 3 or 4 results shown as ads along with possibly a couple more at the bottom. The major difference is that Adwords results or ads, will only appear while you continue to spend money, but the benefit is they can be turned on or off as you wish. On the other hand, SEO or the organic listings must be earned through a long term investment of time and money to build your websites popularity and content.

How is Adwords billed?
After the initial setup costs of your campaigns, we charge you a single invoice each month which includes the agreed upon budget and management fees. Additional campaigns and budget changes can be quoted on and implemented as required.


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