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Mobile Friendly Custom Designs

Custom designed email templates to match your brand, tested on desktop and mobile.

DIY & Managed Options

Allow our expert team to design and send emails for you, or use our self service login to DIY.

Anti Spam Compliant

Remain compliant with automated unsubscribe and supression lists.

Keep your brand in front of your customers with regular email marketing.

Email direct marketing, also known as EDM's, or sometimes email newsletters... No matter what you refer to them as, all make use of an email list to keep in touch with current or potential customers through their inbox.

The inbox today is often bombarded with marketing messages and spam so it is imperative that your email communication has a strategy to cut through the noise and presented at the right frequency to avoid annoyance while still maintaining regularity.

Key Features

  • Building a list from your website enquiries and sales leads helps to drive repeat purchases and push potential customers over the line
  • Targeted lists can also be purchased to gain access to new customers
  • Well designed email marketing pieces offer a teaser and drive traffic to your website for more information
  • A high level a tracking is available including open, click, bounce and more.
  • Well maintained house lists can have a open rate of between 15-20%

How we can help?

Our email marketing options include both a self service, do-it-yourself offering utilising the popular Campaign Monitor platform and also a managed solution.

For the DIY option, we initially design and configure a great looking campaign template, integrate your lists and provide a training session on how to create campaigns. It is then over to you to send out on a monthly or weekly basis.

If you don't have the time then we can create one off, or regular campaigns from your supplied content, or including full copy writing.


Email Campaign Setup and Send



  • Setup of email campaign based on existing template and supplied content.
  • Proof to client and include 1 round to approved email campaign.
  • Schedule send to existing list.
  • Send to list of under 1000 subscribers included.

Email Template Design & Campaign Monitor Setup



  • Design of email template
  • Include 1 round of client revisions
  • Development of HTML email newsletter template with 4 module areas
  • Setup of Campaign Monitor account and integration of HTML campaign template and supplied list
  • Provide video training instructions guide and support for initial send
  • Campaign Monitor subscription not included


  • " We have been working with Thomas Marsden for many years and they have never failed to deliver a quality product and with a very quick turn around. I highly recommend the team at Thomas Marsden. "

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  • " I have commissioned several websites over the years and this was so trouble-free it felt like a dream. From the start, Shamus just seemed to 'get' what we wanted. Of the design options he presented, I would have been proud to have any one of them represent our brand "

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  • " Terrific to work with, 5 star service. "

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