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Careers at Thomas Marsden

Advertising is an exciting career, always throwing up new challenges for creative minds.

Currently there are no positions available at Thomas Marsden, however if you wish to submit your portfolio to we would be happy to keep it on file should a vacancy arise.

Advertising and marketing in all its forms over all media, traditional and digital, offers a wide variety of career paths in overall management and specialised skills. Such career choices include creative direction, graphic design, copywriting, account service, illustration, web design and development, photography, media planning, interactive marketing. All these areas of expertise require varying degrees of training and experience with a degree of determination and desire to be creative.

Below are some links that may be helpful in providing more detailed information.

Guide to Careers in Advertising

Careers in Advertising

Graphic Design – Design Institute of Australia


Work Experience Policy

At Thomas Marsden we do not have the resources to offer ‘hands on’ practical work experience.

However we would still like to encourage aspiring young creatives wanting to get a start in the industry. We may be able to assist in some small way by arranging a meeting with one of our team to explain what we do, to answer questions and to offer advice.


It is not easy to get into the industry, but there are plenty of opportunities for those determined to pursue their goal.

  • Be well prepared…
  • Put together the best portfolio and resume you can.
  • Present your portfolio as you would finished artwork, use your creative talents to make an impact, don’t just send a boring word document.
  • Keep evolving.
  • Show real life examples.

At an interview……

  • Be confident.
  • Be punctual.
  • Be positive.
  • Be persistent.
  • Present yourself the best you can.


Even though you have done everything right, you may still not get a job. The bottom line is…you need to be in the right place at the right time. (When a business is looking to hire staff). …. so keep knocking on doors, keep applying, the next one could be the one that is looking for YOU.