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Branding, Logo Design and Corporate Identity Design

Branding is the disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. A poorly presented brand image may be the missing link why a potential customer will choose the ‘better looking’ brand. The perception is, that if it looks good, it must be good.

The same visual identity viewed over and over again builds trust. Trust with your market segment leads to successful conversions and repeat sales. It’s like putting a face to a name – a memorable brand and logo help people remember their experiences with companies. And when people become comfortable with a brand, they will unknowingly promote that brand in ‘face to face’ communication.

Brand strategy and positioning

Creation of an effective brand starts with the development of a brand strategy that aims to achieve your business and marketing goals via communication of your key message. Whether the aim is to reposition and rebrand an existing business, or create an entirely new brand to target an emerging market, it all starts with the strategy. Our strategy packages includes analysis of your target market, development of key messaging, brand values, personality and tone of voice.

Logo & brand identity design

Our process of designing effective logos and brands incorporates a lot of market research, brainstorming and sketching concepts, a little science and maths, and of course the secret ingredient, the creative ideas that come when you put all these things together.

Every logo design and branding project we undertake moves through the same research > concepts > client presentation > refinement process that has worked effectively for years.

Style guides, stationery and new brand rollouts

Once the brand logo, visual elements and strategy has been finalised, its time to apply this treatment to all required marketing collateral and company stationery in a consistent fashion. Style guides are key in this process and therefore a part of all brand packages we offer. Our many years of experience across different marketing mediums allow for application of the new brand with quality and consistency.

Whether you are starting a new business or changing the image of your current business, our brand design process has been proven time and again to provide inspiring results on brand projects for a diverse range of industries.


Custom & Creative Brand Designs

Providing a unique look and feel is our top priority. Our in-house creative team provides a high quality & inspiring design solutions.

In Person Presentations

While we can work via email, phone or video chat, our preference is old school, face-to-face presentations of your new brand identity.

Local Market Experience

Based in Sydney for over 40 years, we have an in-depth knowledge of the local market and what makes Aussie's tick.

Style Guide Included

All our branding packages include a style guide document, ensuring your brand is always presented in it's best light.

Brand Rollout Experts

Our designers are expert at rollouts of new brand identities across brochures, website, stationery and more.

All Popular File Formats

Once finalised we supply a digital download of all popular file formats and colour modes.


1. Brief Development
Initially we meet with the brand stakeholders to discuss the business goals, strategic direction and learn as much as possible about your businesses culture. Through this consultation, a project brief is developed. The brief document serves as a reference point of requirements for both parties throughout the branding process.

2. Market Research
Researching similar brands and competition both home and abroad is an important part of the process before any designs can be developed.

3. Brainstorming & Roughs
Each week at our team meeting, new briefs are presented to the entire team and posted on our ideas wall. Once the sketches and designs start going up, it’s a quick chain reaction, people feed off each other's ideas, improve on designs, gain inspiration from them.

4. Shortlisting & Final Designs
For each brand project we allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks before a stakeholder presentation, we find this is the optimum time for great ideas to grow and ferment into the final selection.

5. Stakeholder Presentation
The final designs are fine tuned, finessed and presented on display boards alongside practical brand implementations of the brand ideas such as business cards or pull up banners. We always try to present at least 1 conservative, 1 middle of the road and 1 out of the box design idea.

6. Client Review Process
Now it’s back to you to review, discuss and come back to us with a decision on a brand identity either as presented or a combination of elements from other designs along with your own input.

7. Final Logo Artwork & Style Document
Once the final design is selected and refined we prepare master artwork in all colour modes and complete set-up of the style guide and brand usage document.

8. Stationery Design
Based on the completed brand usage document, company stationery and other included artwork items are produced for approval and inclusion in the style guide.

9. Handover
Following completion and approval of all items, we provide a printed & bound A4 version of the style document, along with all artwork as a digital download.


  • " We have been working with Thomas Marsden for many years and they have never failed to deliver a quality product and with a very quick turn around. I highly recommend the team at Thomas Marsden. "

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  • " I have commissioned several websites over the years and this was so trouble-free it felt like a dream. From the start, Shamus just seemed to 'get' what we wanted. Of the design options he presented, I would have been proud to have any one of them represent our brand "

    Susan Rochester Balance at Work

  • " Terrific to work with, 5 star service. "

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