Best Design & Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Brand in 2018

Date: 5th January 2018
Posted By: Thomas Marsden Team
Best Design & Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Brand in 2018

Keep your website usable & looking fresh

In 2018, all areas of brand communication is highly influenced by technology, and as we know technology moves at an incredible speed, constantly improving upon itself. 

It is important that your brands website remains fresh and current from both a visual and usability stand point. Not only do websites need to be easy to navigate, search engines, such as Google, have been enforcing usability and technology standards for a number of years now. 

Not to mention the subconscious impression a modern and professional looking design has on the users opinion of your brand. We have found that a website should be refreshed at minimum every 2-3 years in order to stay current.

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Go beyond search terms with Google Adwords extended ad options

Google’s Adwords has many benefits including near immediate, highly targeted traffic with great keyword tracking and conversion analytics. We would suggest this as a staple for your ongoing advertising spend.

In addition to the popular search ads, Adwords also offers several other great options to further increase your brand presence across the web. 

You may have seen product results now displayed alongside search results in the form of an image with purchasing options. This extension of Adwords, combined with Google Merchant Centre is perfect for any product based brands. Couple it with display and video ads targeted at your website users and email subscribers and Adwords becomes a truly powerful solution for increased sales. 

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Maximise your marketing spend with a planned creative campaign

We are bombarded with so many messages every single day. Any successful piece of communication requires careful planning, the right audience, a unique message and great looking design to cut through the masses of ads to hit its target market.

Our campaign planning & creative services include research, channel selection and planning of a campaign that targets the right audience. 

Once the plan is in place, its creative time, with several design concepts presented to you for review and approval.

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Check the health of your website and set the right strategy for growth

The first step in every journey is to make a plan and have a firm direction in mind. Online marketing is no different, setting a clear strategy and determining the best methods get the results you require for growth are important before undertaking any time consuming and expensive optimisation and advertising programs.

Our website review and strategy suggestions is the perfect analysis tool for both existing websites that have stagnated or brand new websites that are not ranking well. From your initial information, we perform a full site structure analysis and keyword research, hand picking the best value keywords along with optimisation suggestions and paid advertising options.

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Ensure your brand message is consistent & professional on all mediums

Once you have a creative campaign message and target audience in place, rolling out your marketing collateral is the next step. 

It is essential to ensure the same message and consistent look and feel is translated effectively to the varying sizes and formats one encounters across print, web, outdoor and social. Variables such as viewing time, visual size, device, location, colour reproduction and much more, all need to be taken into account for effective delivery of your message.

Our graphic design team is highly experienced in implementing campaigns across multiple mediums. 

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Construct regular email newsletters with drag-and-drop ease

Regular email campaigns or newsletters are a great way to keep your brand in front of your existing and potential customers. 

Whether you are simply completing a monthly newsletter or something a bit more tricky, such as automatic emails triggered when a user visits a particular web page for example. All of the above can be completed under the popular Campaign Monitor email marketing platform, which we adopted early last year.

Campaign Monitor boasts a great drag and drop tool set for email creation. With a set of preset content modules, tailored to your needs, your content will look great and work to effectively drive traffic, leads or online sales. 

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Grow your brand with the power of social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your customers and grow your brand using the power
of Facebook ads.

In 2017, we launched our specialised social media division... Koowee Media.

Koowee Media can complete an audit on your brands social media profiles and strategies. This answers many questions about the relationship between a company and its audience and gives a lot of valuable actionable information allowing us to plan your future strategies and goals using Facebook Advertising.

For more information visit the Koowee Media website.


Ensure all your written content is professional & on point 

Producing quality content for your brand is a great way to attract potential customers and give them an insight into your brands benefits and story. Interesting keyword rich content hosted on your website is of particular importance to gain traction within your desired search rankings.

There are a wide variety of formats you may choose to employ as a part of your brands content strategy, such as a blog, handy tips, an ebook resource or product specific landing page. 

No matter what the method you choose, we can craft professional content, leveraging keyword research and format favoured either online or for traditional print editorial.

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Great looking photography reinforces a quality product

So many great brands that provide high quality products or services fall short of their potential with bad photography. Yes, smartphones these days do take high quality images, however, they are not able to replicate the skills that a professional photographer will be able to bring to the table.

Professional photography is not just point and shoot, it goes much deeper, to correct scene positioning, lighting, sourcing of actors, and to even producing images with a particular mood that is reflective of you brands values and tone.

Give customers the best impression of your brand and products, go with professional photography.


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